Our pipelines are designed to handle large volumes of genomic data

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Is the perfect handyman for reference-guided genome reconstruction! Reconstructor is an automatic in silico approach, which aims at the generation of a full genome sequence of an individual starting from the reference genome and resequencing data. The Reconstructor pipeline is based on two main steps: Iterative read mapping and de novo assembly.

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Hi Cloud

Hi Cloud has dedicated his entire life in the cloud to processing and understanding Hi-C data.

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Drago2 and PRG

Disease Resistance Analisys and Gene Orthology, DRAGO 2, is an in silico pipeline to automatically retrieve, annotate and classify plant resistance genes. DRAGO 2 Is the official annotation tool of the PRGdb, the Plant Resistance Genes Database.

Drago is available at www.prgdb.org

The plant resistance gene database is an open source web which has been totally developed in MediaWiki format, and represents the first bioinformatics resource providing a comprehensive overview of resistance genes in plants.

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Code 0 and Greenc

Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are functional non-translated molecules longer than 200 nucleotides with diverse roles transcriptional regulation and conformational changes in proteins.

Code 0 is available at http://greenc.sequentiabiotech.com

Code 0 discovers, deciphers and annotates lncRNAs in any genome or transcriptome of interest, which are then stored in our GreenC database.

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One of the most crucial goals of Sequentia Biotech is to create know-how in the bioinformatics and genomics fields. For this reason, our R&D division develops new pipelines to handle big genomics data.

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