What can you expect from us

Epigenomics expertise

Research in recent years has shown that neither the sequence of the genes nor their expression can alone explain the complex workings of genomes. That is why the study of epigenetics has become a key factor for understanding biological processes.

At Sequentia, we have innovative analysis pipelines that combined with sequencing technologies enable us to study how transcription factors and histones interact with the chromatin (ChIP-Seq) and identify regulatory elements such as promoters or the distribution of DNA methylation. In this way, the distribution profiles of the proteins that bind DNA and the distribution of methylation in the genome can be plotted and we can see how they change depending on conditions or tissues (differential analysis).

We also use a pipeline of Chromosome Conformation Capture data through which the three-dimensional interactions of chromatin are identified and analysed, thus providing more information on the complex study of the rules that govern epigenomics.
Another strong point of our service is that by combining all of the methods we use, we can integrate data from separate research and create software solutions to independently preserve, display and integrate the analyses.

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