What can you expect from us

Genomics expertise

The genome and its correct assembly is the starting point for any project that uses omics sciences to achieve a breakthrough in the fields of human health, agriculture and the environment. For this reason, at Sequentia we develop innovative tools that create a new reliable and precise assembly, of both complete genomes and specific parts or groups of genes.

The era of low-cost mass sequencing has opened the way to resequencing techniques that allow us to study variations between individuals and related species through approaches such as genome variance. The integration of reference genomes and resequencing data has led us to design a specific tool for Reference Guided Assembly and genome reconstruction, thus creating custom versions of each subject.
We also offer gene panel analysis services or sequence capture experiments to search for variants and use our tool to reconstruct the private sequence of genes or sequenced parts.

We carry out studies on QTLseq, GBS, GWAS and comparative genomics. We offer innovative solutions for data integration, and create software solutions to independently store, display and integrate the analysis.


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