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Bioinformatics expertise

Sequentia can help you get the most out of your omics data to transform it into knowledge with our bioinformatics consulting services. Our team of experts can help in your genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics and epigenomics projects, offering advanced analyses, project design, customized bioinformatics solutions to cover your needs.

Sequentia also helps companies with specific human resources requirements, providing professionals that work as a part of your team in specific bioinformatics projects. We have the expertise and solid background in the industry to fullfill your needs.

Our multidisciplinary team can deliver innovative solutions for different fields, including human health, pharma, agriculture, industry and environment; ranging from genome to microbiome-level solutions.

We have completed over 400 bioinformatics projects in all omics fields, more than 1500 users in our cloud bioinformatics software and multi-awarded with national and European competitive grants. We have more than 60 published papers in high impact factor journals, including Nature and Science.


Genomics iconographic

Custom analysis

Variation calling

Population studies


Selective Sequencing

De novo


Transcriptomics iconographic

Pure transcriptomics



Custom analysis


Working at virus, prokaryote and eukaryote level

Metatranscriptomics and comparative metagenomics

Integration of taxonomical and functional data

Metagenomics analysis

Taxonomical classification

Functional classification


Epigenomics icon

ChIP-seq analysis

DNA methylation

HiC data analysis

Identification and quantitative analysis of differential binding

Discovery and annotation of promoters

Integration with Transcriptomics and Genomics data

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