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Personalised Bioinformatics Training

Nowadays, researchers in the life sciences need constant training and exposure to advances in bioinformatics and big data management to be able to efficiently analyse genomic data. Here at Sequentia, as a company created by scientists for scientists and thanks to our academic background, we offer personalised training and a regular programme of courses at different levels and in different languages (English, Spanish and Italian).

Our training courses are characterised by theoretical, practical and innovative content. We prefer to focus on small groups to create an open and relaxed atmosphere.

We offer several kinds of training courses:

  • Short: up to two weeks, held either onsite or at our offices
  • Long: up to one year, held at our offices
  • Different levels: beginner, intermediate or expert courses
  • Customed: courses can be adapted to specific requests

Customized training services

We create, coordinate and deliver training that fits the specific needs of research centres, universities and companies, normally over a period of several weeks, given by the Sequentia bioinformatics team and other international experts.

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Bioinformatics courses

Our bioinformatics courses take place throughout the year and last between three and seven full days (8 hours/day). Since 2020, over 100 participants, molecular biologists, biotechnologists, geneticists, PhD students in medicine, postdoc researchers and senior visiting scientists from around the world participated in the courses organised by Sequentia or commissioned by companies and research centres.

Course types:

  • Intro to bioinformatics
  • Advanced bioinformatics
  • Specific techniques such as RNAseq Analysis, Variant calling, ChIPSeq, BSSeq

Our courses combine theory and practice, and individual and group work, to help participants develop their bioinformatics project on their own and successfully analyse biological data. Participants work on the cloud using personalised accounts to access our servers.


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