The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome, a pioneering conference dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the human microbiome and its profound impact on health, is set to take place on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th June, 2023. 

Hosted by leading experts in microbiome research, the Barcelona Debates on Human Microbiome provides an immersive platform for deepening scientific understanding and fostering collaboration. The conference features a diverse program of keynote speeches, interactive sessions, panel discussions, and poster presentations, showcasing the latest findings and innovative approaches in the field of human microbiome research.


Attendees can expect to explore a wide range of topics, including the role of the human microbiome in maintaining health, its impact on disease development and progression, and potential therapeutic interventions. The conference aims to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice, providing healthcare professionals with actionable insights to improve patient outcomes and revolutionize healthcare delivery.


Our team of bioinformaticians, together with Tomas Eagan, will present a poster about the diagnosis of intestinal lung diseases  and discuss breakthrough discoveries.