This week we are in Valencia, Spain at JBI2016, the Symposium on Bioinformatics organized by the National Institute of Bioinformatics (INB) in cooperation with the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV).

We are presenting some of our new tools: in the section posters you will find GreeNC, our data base providing information about sequence, genomic coordinates, coding potential and folding energy for all the identified lncRNAs (long non-coding RNAs), Super-CAP, a novel pipeline that exploits the great potential of Sequence Capture data to predict rare variants, structural variations and to create private gene sequences and HiCLOUD, a new pipeline for analyzing epigenetic data. In the presentation session of tomorrow, Irantzu Aznar Martinez de Lagran will talk about our pipeline RECONSTRUCTOR, a tool that mixes reference guide and de novo assembly to create a private genome sequence