We provide Next Generation Sequencing services from all sequencing platforms

Sequencing expertise

We provide Next Generation Sequencing services using the most innovative platforms such as Illumina, Ion Torrent, PacBio RS II and Oxford Nanopore Technologies, allowing the production of millions of DNA sequences for life sciences research in few days. Thanks to partnerships with international sequencing companies, we can offer flexible and scalable solutions to meet the needs of our customers at an affordance cost.

These platforms make it possible to sequence complete genomes at a fraction of the cost of conventional sequencing technologies.

Why choose Sequentia?

  • Flexible design and analytics
  • Best sequencing strategy based on a combination of technologies
  • Highest standards of quality, speed and efficiency
  • Success cases of multiple customers worldwide (scientific community and private companies)
  • Experience in a variety of research areas: biomedical research, plant and animal genomics and microbiology

We offer services from samples to results, taking care of the sequencing process and the following data analysis.


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