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AIR, Artificial Intelligence RNAseq, is the most revolutionary software to run transcriptomics experiments.

AIR is fast, secure, intuitive, and will manage your data in real-time.

Thanks to our powerful cloud we created a software able to perform automatic Differential gene expression analysis with the same precision as a human curated one. It will leave you speechless.

AIR can answer several questions:

  • Which genes are differentially expressed across my samples?
  • Which is the function of the differentially expressed genes across my samples?
  • Are my samples characterised by a specific transcriptome expression profile?

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Gaia is the Queen of Metagenomics. She has been designed to give you the maximum information on your sample, whether you perform 16/18S, virome or SHOTGUN analysis.

GAIA is able to obtain a comprehensive and detailed overview of microbiomes of different origins: human (stomach, skin, etc.), agricultural and environmental (land, water, organic waste, etc.)

GAIA works at any organism level (eukaryotes, prokaryotes and viruses) and automatically integrates taxonomical classification with functional classification.

GAIA can answer several questions:

  • Which species are present in my samples?
  • Which gene functions are present in my samples?
  • Which species are responsible for a specific function in my samples

On a graphical user interface level, GAIA allows you to navigate seamlessly through your data and even compare your samples in real-time!

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SUPER-CAP handles Sequence Capture data to highlight variations in selected genomic regions. He fine calculates the allele frequency of variations, assists the user with identification of single-nucleotide variants (SNVs), as well as small insertions and deletions (INDELs), until it reconstructs private sequences/gene features for each target region of each sample.

Variants results are available in the standard format “vcf” and sequences reconstructed can be downloaded as fasta file or explored in a dedicated browser.

SUPER-CAP can answer the following questions:

  • Which variants are present in my resequencing experiments?
  • Which type of variants are present?
  • Which is the sequence of a specific sample of my experiments?

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Super W


SUPER-W is an innovative omics suite that digs deep within genomes and is able to compare them due to his variant calling capabilities and novel interface.

Data from omics experiments can be integrated and visualized thanks to a user friendly interface and a private cloud where users can upload their data and compare them with publicly-available data.

SUPER-W can be used to:

  • Navigate into a genome
  • Integrate data (both private and public) coming from different omics experiment
  • Create a genomics workbench to perform detailed genetic studies

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