On the 23rd of February, Sequentia Biotech hosted the first Sequentia Disruptive Talks in the office.  This event was designed to bring scientific professionals together and exchange knowledge, and it was a complete success: Sequentia welcomed more than 20 people, coming from different local institutions, that shared an interest for omics sciences.


The first Sequentia Disruptive Talk consisted of two discussions about genomics and microbiomics given by two top experts such as Dr. Antonio Adamo, from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, and Dr. Tomas Eagan, from Bergen University – Haukeland Hospital.

Dr. Antonio Adamo treated the impact of X-polysomy during early embryogenesis in Klinefelter syndrome, whereas Dr. Tomas Eagan tackled lung microbiome data in research and the clinical world.


Talks were followed by a distended networking session, where attendants had the opportunity to connect with other professionals of the scientific community and network while having a drink. 


The event was the first of many others that will come, so stay tuned and check our social media to sign up for the next Sequentia Disruptive Talks!