Our CEO, Walter Sanseverino will participate and give a talk in the upcoming 2022 NutriSeminar organised by Merieux Nutrisciences.

The event will take place in Bologna, on June 24th and will cover multiple topics relating the security, authenticity, and quality of all the processes involved in the food chain. currently, with the food chain being more complex and with more actors involved, it is necessary to understand all the stakeholders taking part on it, from the production, suppliers, and transformation phases to be able to create a robust and sustainable food system.

Thanks to the contribution of multiple experts in these areas, the NutriSeminar of this year proposes a journey along the different stages of the food chain to understand and find solutions to its multiple challenges.

Walter Sanseverino will give a talk about agriculture bioinformatics and how important is to have precise algorithms to analyze and identify different plant species.

Full program and more information on how to participate: https://www.merieuxnutrisciences.com/it/events/nutriseminar-2022-seminario-tecnico-scientifico