At the 60th Congress organized by the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics (SIGA) in the city of Catania (Sicily), as every year we are meeting the Italian scientific community.

This year we are presenting the results of our business and research collaborations with different research group.

Our CEO Walter Sanseverino and our scientific director Riccardo Aiese Cigliano will participate to various talks:

“Transcriptome response to nitrogen starvation in durum wheat”, P.L. Curci, R. Aiese Cigliano, D. Zuluaga, W. Sanseverino, G. Sonnante

“Molecular organization of the APA genomic region associated with resistance to seed bruchids in wild Phaseolus vulgaris L. genotypes”, F. Sparvoli, W.Sanseverino, R. Aiese Cigliano, E. Cominelli, M.G. Daminati, R. Bollini
“Dissecting the epigenetic memory of stress response in maize”, C. Forestan, S. Farinati, R. Aiese Cigliano, W. Sanseverino, G. Pavesi, V. Rossi, S. Varotto

Poster session

“SmallRNA and quality traits profiling in response to drought stress in potato”, Bizzarri M., Molisso M., Aversano R., Aiese Cigliano R., Sanseverino W., Palladino M., Romano N., Vitaglione P., Carputo D., Frusciante L., Di Matteo A.
“Two Italian tomato landraces show distinctive gene network profiles in response to water deficit “, Landi S., Nurcato R., Batelli G., Aiese-Cigliano R., Sanseverino W., Costa A., Leone A, Grillo S.

“Stress-induced and epigenetic-mediated transcriptional regulation and memory in maize”, Forestan C., Farinati S., Aiese Cigliano R., Sanseverino W., Lunardon A., Varotto S.

“Whole-genome re-sequencing of two tomato landraces reveals sequence variations underpinning key economically important traits”, Tranchida-Lombardo V., Aiese-Cigliano R., Anzar I., Landi S., Palombieri S., Colantuono C., Bostan H., Termolino P., Aversano R., Batelli G., Cammareri M., Carputo D., Chiusano M.L., Conicella C., Consiglio F., D’Agostino N., De Palma M., Di Matteo A., Grandillo S., Tucci M., Sanseverino W., Grillo S.

We’ll also present a poster about a new own research on long non-coding RNAs by the department Sequentia Research “Comprehensive classification and conservation analysis of plant long non-coding RNAs”, García E., Paytuví A., Sanseverino W., Aiese Cigliano R.

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