On June 1st, Sequentia Biotech hosted the second edition of the Disruptive Talks -in the office. This event was designed to bring knowledge together in an environment of scientific and technical exchange, and it was a success. Sequentia welcomed more than 30 people, coming from different reputed institutions of the agro and nutri field. 


The event consisted of three discussions by top experts, presenting several success cases and projects about omics sciences and their use in the agri-food industry and in the biostimulants sector.


Federica Cattapan, from Mérieux NutriSciences, talked about the opportunities and challenges of the implementation of NGS technologies in food safety; Celine Díaz from Agro2Agri (Ajinomoto Group) discussed about how the omics can support development in the biostimulants sector, and finally Luís Matias, CEO & co-founder of Tricopharming, treated the topic of Biotechnology and Mother Earth: the perfect All talks generated interesting discussions among the attendees about new challenges and future trends of the sector, as well as opinions on how the omics will support the agrotech business. 


Talks were followed by a distended networking time, where attendees further discussed and exchanged insights, networked and connected with other professionals of the scientific community while having a drink.


Stay tuned to not miss out on the next Sequentia Disruptive Talks!