Whole-Genome Sequencing of an Uncommon Cryptococcus neoformans MLST43 Genotype Isolated in Nigeria


Nnaemeka Emmanuel Nnadi, Domenico Giosa, Grace Mebi Ayanbimpe, Enrico D’Alessandro, Riccardo Aiese Cigliano, Christian Uchechukwu Oheri, John Chinyereze Aguiyi, Ifeoma Bessie Enweani, Orazio Romeo

Cryptococcosis is a human infection caused mainly by two species of the Cryptococcus genus, Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii, whose populations contain several phylogenetically related haploid (VN/VG-types) and hybrid genotypes. Here, we report the whole-genome sequencing of a Nigerian C. neoformans VNII, Mat-α, strain with a rare multilocus-sequence-type (MLST) genotype (ST43).


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