Sequentia Biotech is a leading omics company that offers advanced bioinformatic solutions to transform omics data into clinical, industrial and research applications.

Based in Barcelona, Sequentia has 10 years of expertise in the bioinformatics sector and has delivered more than 500 bioinformatics projects in all omics fields for clients in over 65 countries. Sequentia’s strong scientific background, with more than 70 publications in high impact factor journals and a cumulative H-index of 130, has granted Sequentia the recognition of being in the top 10 digital healthcare companies in Catalonia, and top 20 global RNA companies.

Sequentia’s cutting-edge bioinformatics tools and solutions offer state of the art data analysis and interpretation, enabling a deeper exploration of omics data and translating it into actionable insights for multiple applications. . 

Sequentia Biotech provides outstanding bioinformatics services thanks to the extensive scientific expertise, proprietary technology, continuous R&D focus and customer-centric approach


The origins of Sequentia Biotech arise from the friendship of the two founders, who met while doing their PhD studies. In 2013, their passion for bioinformatics was translated into the creation of Sequentia Biotech, a company where scientific and social goals would be interdependent.

Their vision was to generate innovation and disruptive technology so that society as a whole can benefit from the extraordinary potential omics sciences have in improving our lives.

10 years after the foundation, Sequentia Biotech is an internationally recognized leader in the omics field, with a mission to make bioinformatics more accessible for everyone.


Our work is driven by a set of values that guide the way we progress in our business, the way we connect with our community and the way we develop our team.


Our teamwork and scientific leadership in bioinformatics and big data always strive for excellence.


We encourage innovation in genetics, molecular biology and bioinformatics because we believe they are strategic and sustainable fields that will shape the world of tomorrow.


Our experience and the expertise of our scientists allow us to quickly identify our clients’ needs and personalize our service to help you reach all your objectives.


We carry out our work ethically and are devoted to contributing to improvements in quality of life, together with environmental and agricultural sustainability.