We are incredibly proud to present Gaia, our Metagenomics Queen. Gaia is an online bioinformatic tool that is capable of analyzing metagenomic data from any microbial community (bacteria, viruses and eukaryotes), from any matrix (human, animal, agricultural and environmental).

Gaia is the first tool to automatically integrate all hierarchic levels of taxonomic classification (from kingdom to subspecies) with functional classification, obtaining results in just 12 hours. It is also the first tool to offer comparative metagenomics in real time. Gaia is aimed at researchers who want to get to grips with their own data, and indeed, due to its intuitive interface and ease of use, Gaia does not require any specialized training; any researcher who is not an expert in bioinformatics can use this software and easily evaluate the analysis of the results obtained.

If you would like more information on Gaia please visit: metagenomics.cloud where you will also be able to register for a free tour. We welcome any feedback you may have!